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Global News: TransLink to install copper on high-touch surfaces as part of pilot to fight viruses, bacteria

November 10, 2020

TransLink says it will take part in a pilot project that will install copper on high-touch transit surfaces.

The transit authority says copper-based products and organosilane, a coating that protects against microbes, will be installed on SkyTrain and buses to test their ability to destroy viruses and bacteria.

The pilot project is the first of its kind in North America, according to TransLink.

The products will be installed on two trolley buses on busy routes and two SkyTrain cars on the Expo and Millennium lines. The surfaces will be tested twice a week for effectiveness and also tested for durability.

Copper alloy surfaces have natural antimicrobial and self-cleaning properties, according to TransLink, and can destroy up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses within four hours.

Transit ridership in Metro Vancouver has been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

At its annual general meeting in June, TransLink said a steep decline in ridership due to the pandemic translated into major losses.

Average trips across all modes of transit were down to about 43 per cent of normal, TransLink said last month

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