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Beyond Partnership: Successful Partnerships with our Indigenous Neighbours

January 30, 2023

Building and maintaining collaborative relationships and programs with our Indigenous neighbours is a commitment we stand by at Taseko– it is the at heart of our Indigenous Peoples Policy.

This commitment is demonstrated through the Fraser River Salmon Sampling Program.

Gibraltar launched the Salmon Sampling Program in 2016, in partnership with the Xatśūll First Nation, Northern Shuswap Tribal Council, and Environmental Dynamics – an environmental management and monitoring company that is specialized in aquatic sciences.

The objective of the program is to provide information to communities regarding the safety of consuming salmon captured at traditional fishing sites on the Fraser River.

Samples were collected from 30 salmon which were caught via traditional dipnet, then submitted to an accredited laboratory for metal analysis, including methylmercury testing. Results indicate that the salmon are safe to eat.

After a hiatus due to Covid, we were able to celebrate the Salmon Sampling Program with a community event held at Xatśūll Cultural Heritage Village.

We proudly share this video of the successful and celebratory event featuring Matt Graham, Manager Environment & Permitting at Gibraltar Mine, and Mike Stinson, Xatśūll First Nation.

Thank you for everyone who attended and helped make the program so successful!

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