New Prosperity

Copper-gold project.

One of Canada's largest undeveloped copper-gold projects, New Prosperity has the potential to create significant economic and social value, both in and beyond British Columbia.

The Prosperity deposit is a gold-copper porphyry with a one billion tonne measured and indicated resource containing 5.3 billion pounds of copper and 13.3 million ounces of gold. At metal prices of US$1,000/ounce gold and US$3.15/pound copper the project has a pre-tax net present value of C$3 billion and a 40% pre-tax internal rate of return. At long-term gold and copper prices the project has robust economics.

New Prosperity is a project that holds the potential to dramatically increase shareholder value and improve the economic well-being of local communities. Development of this large-scale deposit will be a major step towards transforming Taseko into a strongly positioned mid-tier mining company. .

We have developed a website,, to provide the facts of New Prosperity and to promote discussion about the project. We invite you to visit the website to engage in discussions about the project.

Economic Stimulus

New Prosperity is poised to offer vital economic value to a region that has been devastated by the Mountain Pine Beetle crisis, while supplying government with significant additional revenue for Provincial and National social programs.

Key Economic Highlights of the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project include:

  • Federal government revenues rise by $4.30 billion
  • Provincial BC government revenues rise by $5.52 billion
  • Consumer spending increase of $9 billion
  • Production revenues in excess of $11 billion
  • An increase in Real GDP of $11 billion
  • An increase in employment of 71,000 jobs
  • Residential investment expenditure increase of $786 million
  • Non-residential construction investment increases of $1.03 billion
  • Investment in machinery and equipment (by others) to increase by $1.38 billion
  • The population of BC to rise by 5,400

Mine development is a complicated undertaking, subject to countless and often conflicting factors associated with currency values, mineral pricing, demand for metal, exchange rates, etc.

These factors have aligned right now to make the New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project ready for development.

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