Company History

Our past, present and future.

1966: Taseko Mines Limited incorporated

1969: Acquired the Prosperity project

1970: Prosperity optioned to Nittetsu

1979: Prosperity optioned by Bethlehem Copper

1991: Taseko joined the HDI group of companies

1993: Taseko reacquired 100% of Prosperity

1999: Taseko acquires Gibraltar mine from Boliden (operations ceased in 1998)

2004: Gibraltar re-started production

2005: Russ Hallbauer appointed CEO

2008: Completion of Gibraltar Phase I expansion

2010: Sale of 25% of Gibraltar to Cariboo Copper for $187million

2011: Completion of Gibraltar Phase II expansion

2012: Completion of GDP3 at Gibraltar

Gibraltar Mine, Original Construction

Gibraltar Site Overview, 1983


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